As a Teaching Fellow at Yale University I led discussion sections for the following courses:

Introductory Biology: Principles of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2016

An introductory course on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, designed to be the entry point to which students can begin the analysis of whole organisms, populations, and ecosystems.  As a Teaching Fellow, each week I led discussions of primary literature. I designed and administered quizzes and writing assignments, held review sessions, and graded assignments and exams.


General Ecology, Fall 2016

We explored the theory and practice of ecology, including the ecology of individuals, population dynamics, and ecosystem function. As a Teaching Fellow I designed and graded assignments, and trained the students to do some basic field work collecting and analyzing avian occurrence data.

Evolutionary Biology, Spring 2017

An overview of evolutionary theory, including an introduction to population genetics and life history evolution. As a Teaching fellow I led weekly discussions of primary literature, as well as labs giving students and introduction into mathematical modeling of evolutionary dynamics. I also administered and graded assignments and exams.