I am a 5th-year PhD Candidate in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at Yale University (expected graduation, Summer 2020). I came to Yale to work in the lab of theoretical ecologist David Vasseur (https://vasseurlab.yale.edu).Slide1
I began my path into quantitative ecology and evolutionary biology as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I earned a degree in EEB and in pure mathematics under the mentorship of Holly Barnard and Alexander Cruz. I’m broadly interested in how we manage natural populations, particularly in how we can facilitate persistence alongside factors such as environmental change and habitat loss. I come at this from a theoretical modeling perspective. It can be difficult for scientists to collect fine scale data on how populations can evolve to adapt to a changing environment, and the interplay between evolutionary and ecological dynamics, and so I work to create theory to fill those gaps in our understanding.


*Photography by Pam Schulz